Thursday, February 25, 2010

"The guard says you have a boyfriend."

The accusation hit me from left field and my fingers pause above the keyboard. In the background, a song is playing, its singers begging ironically for somebody to find them "Somebody to Love". I look over my shoulder at my nanny who is ironing clothes while watching Prime Time Wah Lai Toi. "Excuse me? Who?"

"The guard at your college."

Mr. Indian Mustache? I had no idea he even conversed with my nanny. "What did he say?"

"He says he saw you with some guy with green hair."

I blink a few times. "I'm sorry what?"

Here, she falters a little as she attempts to explain herself. English is not her best language. "Cur-reen..."

I'm still confused. I pick up one of my books with a green cover and point at it. "Green hair? I've never seen anyone with green hair before!" That's a lie. I have but that had been a girl and I'm pretty sure that's not who my nanny's referring to.

"Curry..." She start twirling the air with her pointer finger.

I laugh with realisation. "Oh, you mean curly!"

"Yes!" my nanny exclaims triumphantly. "The guard saw you hugging him!"

"I hug everyone," I deadpan.

She goes slack-jawed with horror. "How could you?! You don't go around hugging just anyone!" She harrumphs righteously and settles back into her ironing and I turn back to my work. If only she knew...

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm certain she hates me. I've been plaguing her with emails since day one and at the moment, she might be regretting ever offering me a place in their college. That's why when I finally meet her, I'm so not going to tell her my real name. She might've created a filter to screen my emails at this point.