Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My blog wanderlust has struck (again). I'll be moving to a new place (again) because I got bored at posting here (again) and most of everyone knows that this is not an infrequent thing (hence the again(s).)

This time, I'll be moving to twooptions.wordpress.com.

Yeah, I'm giving wordpress another shot because now I have more time to tinker with it aimlessly, haha!

Past blogs:

- Nothingmessy2 has the memories of my first few semesters at The One Academy; meeting new friends and learning their eccentricities.

- Evemurmurs was about the six months between graduating from secondary school and entering The One Academy, during which I attempted lessons with Joe Hasham and Japanese.

- Onestorys for when I got bored with Nothingmessy 2.

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