Thursday, February 25, 2010

"The guard says you have a boyfriend."

The accusation hit me from left field and my fingers pause above the keyboard. In the background, a song is playing, its singers begging ironically for somebody to find them "Somebody to Love". I look over my shoulder at my nanny who is ironing clothes while watching Prime Time Wah Lai Toi. "Excuse me? Who?"

"The guard at your college."

Mr. Indian Mustache? I had no idea he even conversed with my nanny. "What did he say?"

"He says he saw you with some guy with green hair."

I blink a few times. "I'm sorry what?"

Here, she falters a little as she attempts to explain herself. English is not her best language. "Cur-reen..."

I'm still confused. I pick up one of my books with a green cover and point at it. "Green hair? I've never seen anyone with green hair before!" That's a lie. I have but that had been a girl and I'm pretty sure that's not who my nanny's referring to.

"Curry..." She start twirling the air with her pointer finger.

I laugh with realisation. "Oh, you mean curly!"

"Yes!" my nanny exclaims triumphantly. "The guard saw you hugging him!"

"I hug everyone," I deadpan.

She goes slack-jawed with horror. "How could you?! You don't go around hugging just anyone!" She harrumphs righteously and settles back into her ironing and I turn back to my work. If only she knew...


  1. green -> curry -> curly... lol... maybe we can do those change one letter in the beginning word to make the end word. XD

  2. ehron>> yeah, he might've misconstrued our relationship, lol!
    kimuberri>> kimmy! I missed you! how've you been?