Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Productiveness level: 0% (Asimov is turning his nose up on me. I just know it.)

I watched 'Avatar' and

I love Zoe Saldana. She's so beautiful even when she's portraying a non-human. 

Part of me wonders if I love her even more because her characteristics - movement-wise and emotional reaction-wise - were less stereotypically human. That's a rather odd phrase, isn't it. 

'Stereotypically human'. But it's fitting considering how many of us conform to social norms like lemmings.

In any case, James Cameron's Avatar is definitely a movie to keep on your shelf once the DVD comes out. Can't wait for the release in fact, just so I can re-watch it on my laptop and watch all the behind-the-scenes goodies.

The awesomeness (really, we should start banning that word on the account of how often our gen Y uses it) of Avatar even quenches my disappointment of not being able to watch Princess and the Frog even though it's been released for ages.