Saturday, October 31, 2009

I can't really tell if the triple-shot latte is not doing its work or whether it's because last night's sleep was a mix of short naps strewn over the side of Tricia's bed and passing out like the dead on the mattress under her bed. 

Mom says that I'm already pushing it with three shots of espresso in a regular cuppa joe, since my heart wasn't a very strong one to begin with. But now, I'm starting to feel that the triple-shot cuppas only serve to give me this short spurts of orgasmic bliss taste-wise, rather than serve the initial purpose of warding away the voices that command me to sleep.

On a brighter note, Happy Halloween to all. Though not our tradition, I hope you get at least one free piece of candy.

Friday, October 30, 2009

TOA Cadet: Day 48

Spent the last night at Cadet Tricia's place, painting an acrylic portrait of one Steven Spielberg, who, thanks to me, now looks like he has a tan and the smoothest skin on the planet. The work isn't done yet though, so I decided to intrude on Cadet Tricia's hospitality for one more night. 

Was slightly delusional during Light and Mood Study session today. Started singing out of the blue and had to hit myself to stop. Think I scared Cadet Pei Yoong a little, bless. At some point during the day, I started singing High School Musical and knew that after one all-nighter, I have lost it. 

Fortunately, I wasn't the only cadet in my squadron who had.

Half the squadron trekked the sunny plains of Malacca the day before, (my slot had been on Tuesday) so they were listless and tired as well and the general could see it in our work. He dismissed us at the end of the session, allowing us to bring back and refine our work, due for next week. A good half of us protested because we wanted nothing more to hand in our stuff and rid our hands of it so we can pour more concentration on other, more stifling assignments. The acrylic painting for example. The gargantuan workload due for Marker Visual the coming Thursday another example.

Not to mention the test for S.E.A. tomorrow. Ah, bitter sorrow.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Evemurmurs' To-Eat List
  1. Mac 'n' Cheese at TGIF
  2. Beef Chili Cheese Fries at Carls' Junior
  3. Reuben sandwich at Delicious
  4. The new doughnut selection at Big Apple
soon shall be introducing Arthur Ono, my new Nikon D60 baby, to the world. 

TOA Cadet: Day 45

I graced Malacca with my presence and got sunburnt for it. Go figure. Aloe vera gel makes my eyes water (>__<).

Monday, October 26, 2009

Evemurmurs 2

"Are you talking to yourself?"

I paused mid-stride along the row of shop, threw my questioner a mirthless smirk, and went on my way. Several second later, I picked up the conversation again.