Friday, October 16, 2009

Going on a 2D animation movie spree, I think, and pulling Cadet Kelly along for the ride. 
The list so far is as followed (according to number of times I've watched it):

1. The Prince of Egypt
[after downloading it, I had it on constant repeat while doing work, and had the soundtrack on constant repeat during class. and during my free time, I went to the college library to read through the entire Prince of Egypt art book. It's that awesome.]

2. Lilo and Stitch
[I'm sorry, you cannot help but fall in love with Stitch and the whole 'ohana' concept. Plus, the Hawaiian BGM kind of weasels its way into your subconscious and your humming it before realising it.]

3. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
[the whole Indiana Jones feel is interesting, no?]

4. Anatasia
[I've forgotten why I like this one so much actually. I've been watching it since I was a kid and been singing the songs on endless repeat with my friends that it's become so natural to like it. Like it's natural to breathe or something along those lines.]

5. Tarzan
[Tarzan's gotta be the hottest Disney-animated hero ever. Seriously, I mean, that physique, and the quiet intensity that probably made girls melt in the cinema. Plus, the sexual undertones of a wild man wooing his lady. I know the Disney folks tried their best to avoid it by making Jane the innocent blushing girl and portraying Tarzan as this adorably googly-eyed person around her, but, *clears throat*. Sorry, sexual undertones still there. Which is good! A romance without sexual tension is just weird. Like Aang and Katara in Avatar.]

6. The Emperor's New Groove
[Technically, I've watched this more times than all the others. My cousin and I used to watch it like every weekend for MONTHS and basically, remembered every. single. line. Still pretty much do. But my love for this piece has weathered with time and with the awful TV series on Disney Channel right now. Sorry, Kuzco.]

7. The Road to Eldorado
[Miguel and Tulio are hilarious. My fondness for this one is probably boosted by the fact that I first watched it with my best friend on the plane to Australia.]

8. The Lion King
[It's so majestic, you cannot not love it! It also has Rafiki, the blue-butt baboon!]

Yea, it's a Disney and Dreamworks-dominated list. Right now, in the process of downloading An Extremely Goofy Movie, Pocahontas and The Little Mermaid. If anyone has the file or torrent for Beauty and the Beast, I would be most grateful. 

TOA Cadet: Day 37

When I departed from my station during Light and Mood Study to go have a look at Cadet Pei Yoong's awesome work in progress, Lieutenant General Wei Chyuan slid into my seat, which set forth a torrent of silent thoughts that went along the lines of "oh my goodness, what is he doing, I'm going to die, he's gonna ... should I push him over?" 

But apparently my panic attack was a little unwarranted because he just wanted to check the colours of my work (which turned out horrible in spite of his help). He started upping the saturation, changing the brushes, playing with the layer settings and so on. Upon my word, the lieutenant general works the tablet like a pianist with his instrument! The speed at which his fingers tap the shortcut keys and the way his right hand dances across the tablet with the stylus really looks like he's playing some sort of vigorous music!

I was about to comment on that when he realised with dread that he hadn't made a new layer when helping me fix my work and so left me with no option but to go with whatever changes he had made to my piece. I stood there, stunned to stillness, as he asked me if I was alright? "Yea, sure," I mumbled.

"Just let me..." He tried to make a few more adjustments to help me along and finally I was obliged to ask him to stop and let me continue the piece on my own. "Like that lar..." He trailed off with mock resentment and I tried unsuccessfully to hail him back to say that it was nothing personal. 

Sometimes, I think the Lieutenant General is like a little kid. Sometimes, he's funny, and other times, his jokes are as cold as Lieutenant General Lip Wei. 


"Kelly, do you remember any of our lecturers' names this semester?" Cadet Aaron and I peered over the lunch table, waiting eagerly for Cadet Kelly's answer.

"...Kin Sun?"

Well, I guess one is better than none. I wonder if it was coincidence that General Kin Sun has chose that moment to enter the restaurant.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Words of "Wisdom"

Always bring some paracetamol whenever you venture outdoors. Your sanity could depend on it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Murmurs 1

Love the History channel! Even though was supposed to rush on acrylic painting due tomorrow (part of me will never cure of the disease called procrastination, m'fraid), watched two documentaries back-to-back. The first one about Chairman Mao and how he used art to spread his propaganda (and hide his failures), and the second regarding the history of the sin Greed, more appropriately known as avarice. 

Lord Jesus was mentioned in the second documentary, but the people called Him a 'Jewish teacher', for academic's sake, I think. They were confused as to why Jesus claimed that the poor were more privileged than the wealthy although common knowledge tells us different. Additionally, learned that today's greed-driven world sort of had its beginnings with Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, who was the pioneer of the idea that greed is good

Very interesting documentary all in all. Will now depart to 7-11 to get more canned coffee with Jie. Am planning to start building a canned coffee castle actually. See how that pans out. Will a year and a half left in my stint at TOA, I think I'll be buying enough canned coffee to build an empire. 

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist has reached 100 chapters!