Friday, September 25, 2009

TOA Cadet: Day 17

Today, I was visited by three ghosts at my work station.

First, was the ghost of Cadet Alex, who after a night's rest, finally looked a little more alive. But the deep rings under his eyes were probably a little more permanent.

Second, was stealthy Cadet Chia Chee, who took advantage of the blind spots my large cap had given me and ambushed with a varied noogie attack. She came bearing cheer and sweets though, so all was good.

The third and final ghost was Lieutenant General WC, whose passive facial expressions almost made me pull an unsightly funny face at very nearly mistaking him for a fellow cadet and beating him with an enthusiastic hello. It was customary for the general and lieutenant general to rove about the room, observing our progress. But I hadn't expected the lieutenant general capable of stealth like Cadet Chia Chee.

"Looks like Gackt," he said with a smirk in reference to the human figure I was painting.

When he left without further comment , I breathed a small sigh of relief and offhandedly thought that his new haircut looked good on him ... although oddly similar to Cadet Hua Yuan's new do.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

TOA Cadet: Day 16

Daruma-san ga koronda, koronda, koronda. Daruma-san ga koronda. My fair lady.

The doll is falling, falling, falling. The doll is falling, my fair lady.

The song was stuck in repeat in my head, and so I sung it like a broken record with the energy of an IV-drip dependent as I worked on the computer in today's class. Beside me, Cadet Alex wasn't faring much better as he struggled to stay awake after last night's all-nighter that had left him pale-faced and boneless. Opposite him was Cadet Tricia, who had survived on two hours of rest but was working steadily nonetheless. And on my left was the Singaporean who had somehow managed to stay chipper throughout.

The doll is falling, falling, falling.

At the end of the lesson, we left the classroom with more assignments than when we came in of course. The usual two simplified figures, two imaginary simplified figures plus three thumbnails of people playing sports. All due next week along with our four caricatures, an acrylic painting of Pavarotti, the outline of our next acrylic assignment, five photos depicting light and shadow and more to come.

Daruma-san ga koronda.

I walked sluggishly into my room and fell into a dead heap again.

My fair lady.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I hope you enjoy your new DJ course.

TOA Cadet: Day 15

My feet and ankles are nearly completely covered in blossoming grey bruises, courtesy of yesterday's vigorous activity of being strapped by the ankles, locked in a harness and having the absolute time of my life screaming my lungs out as the world about me spun. 

I never expected to be rolling down in a slope in a rubber ball, performing the spectacular sport called 'orbing' on a Tuesday morning. I also never had a more exhilarating birthday present. I really have to thank my best friend for setting the whole thing up. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't never known the existence of orbing in Titiwangsa, and possibly, would've gone through life not knowing what it felt like to be in a hamster in a ball (or a rag cloth in a washing machine, but I digress).


Come 0945 and I realised I was probably going to be late for General David's photography lesson, the one class we were directly advised not to be late for and I was running late. But that alone, was not to fill my self-loathe quota for the day. Still ahead on my schedule was a critique session of my photos in front of the entire class that turned out so ignominious, I wished I could snatch my work off the board and bolt towards comfort food.

No subject matter.

No composition

No lighting.

I don't see any of it in your photos. And it's messy.

Ouch, ouch, ouch, someone please break out the mac 'n' cheese. 


Work in CCD (cartoon character design) class was premeditated by a slide show of good examples of caricature. I was hoping for the demonstration to end quickly so I could join Cadet Kelly and Cadet Pei Yoong in the let's-put-our-heads-on-the-table-and-snooz-because-we-are-too-darned-tired-SORRY! club. But almost immediately after the slide show, handouts were distributed and we were all assigned four caricatures to complete before class.

Before me, I saw the world blur like the background of a good macro shot. 

"Excuse me." I got up and walked out of the classroom. 

In my state of haziness, there was no good work to be gotten. So I ran up and down the stairs twice, barged into the toilet in the other classroom, washed my face, did several jumping jacks, wiped my face and reentered the classroom to start work. Had it been appropriate, I would've released a war cry (kiai) but the room was too silent and I got to work.