Friday, July 31, 2009


The amount of work I get from college is actually inversely proportional to how much I communicate with the people at home. Meaning, the more work I get, I less I talk to them. But the opposite doesn't always hold true, I'm afraid. I'm the type of person who wouldn't speak to her family for a week and not notice. (I'm such a bad child.)

But that's not the point I'm trying to get through here.

One day, whilst eating dinner like a zombie, my mother asked if I could skip church in favour of finishing up my work.


"I'm sure everyone skips once in a while."

"No. Sunday is the Sabbath. I have to dedicate that day to God. Unless I'm physically unwell or I'm out of the country or something, there's no way I'm not going to church."

"What if I'm ill? Will you leave me and go to church?"

"No," I admitted. "I'll take care of you. I'll just have to pray with you."

Here, my mother's smile twitched. I swallowed my rice and waited for her to say something. But she didn't. So I asked nervously, "Are you going to say something?"


"You look like you want to."

She didn't reply to that either. I hope she'll one day realise that Jesus can help her. He's helped me bear and cope with everything thus far. Ms. Joy said that when a person becomes a Christian, his family is blessed as well. Aunty Siew May has been waiting for her parents to receive Christ for thirty years. 

Thirty years of estrangement. I hope my parents won't need that long. 

"We are Ignorant Fools, say HEY!"

There are moral lessons taught everywhere all the time, all around us. Most commonly shown on cheesy television programmes; may it be cartoons or long drawn out TVB dramas about filial piety. We're so surrounded with revelations impregnated with moral lessons that even we began to tire of it and can easily say, 'Oh, I know what the lesson in this is. It's... so and so and so, therefore we should bla bla bla and bla.'

We already know it all. We don't need to learn those lessons again. 

Then why are we still stuck in the same place?

If the lesson is learned, we should be moving forward. Matters that are problematic today should be smooth sailing tomorrow. The only reason why it shouldn't is because (ding! ding! ding! that's right!) we actually haven't learn our lesson. 

Filial piety, humility, respect, consideration, selflessness, etc. We know all the values; seen them played and replayed in various programmes and children's stories. Most of us don't take it to heart. Because we think we already know it. We think we are better than the people who are being taught a lesson. 

"I would never make a mistake like that."

Not the exact same mistake probably, but a mistake that misses the point of the moral value? Most likely. Take a good look at yourself. If you think you're better than other people, you need to look again. Look at other people. Note the similarities in your character, not your problems. 

And stop terrorising me. Stop making me reach for the door every time I hear your voice. And for once, I wish you would listen to me. Really listen, and not just nod along and launch into another one of your tirades. 

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Luther is back!

Luther is back in Malaysia!

Bleeping Luther has been back in Malaysia for almost a month and I'm finding out about it only now after he decided to give me a call starting with, "Do you know who I am?" stalker-like routine!

Chris Liew Chin Meng, Imma gonna kill you for not warning me!

"Cold Coffee Musing"

There is a cup of Ipoh White Coffee 3-in-1 on my table. I'd left it there before leaving for college earlier this morning without finishing it because I was already vibrating from caffeine OD.

When I returned home, it was still there and the bit I'd not drunk is still in there. It's hilarious that no matter how I ask everyone not to mess with my stuff, they still come in as they please and pick up the mess I leave behind but somehow leave the cold coffee alone. 

...if I drink that bit of cold coffee, will I get a stomachache?

I mean, I've drunk coffee left out for a long time before. Once, I bought a cup of hazelnut latte with triple shots espresso from Coffee Bean but couldn't finish it in one go. That one small cup lasted me till evening the next day (I hid it in my cupboard so no one would throw it away) and even then the espresso tasted so good

Drool...I love you Coffee Bean. 

Hmm...maybe I should just taste it...see if it still tastes good.

Starbucks doesn't. I tried the same trick with a cup of Starbucks triple shot vanilla latte but by the following morning, it smelt like hamster food and made me sick. Yea, I think I'll just take a sip. If it's gone bad, I'll just compensate with some instant hot chocolate.

Monday, July 27, 2009

"Austin Chase and Cupcake Chic"

Yesterday before the Anniversary Thanksgiving was due to start at JIC, I wandered around Pavilion a while, looking for a place to sit down so I could drink my coffee (hazelnut latte, triple shot, skinny, coffee bean) in peace and get rid of my burgeoning headache. Coffee is my panacea. It used to be paracetemol until I discovered that Panadol stays in your stomach for seven years, or something along those lines.

Then I noticed that there were two new additions to the lower level, not far from where the food court is. One was Austin Chase Coffee. The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw that was Ozzie actor Jesse Spencer - who is an absolute fitty, by the way - who plays Dr. Robert Chase in House M.D.. But that's just my inner fangirl taking control.

According to Google, Austin Chase Coffee from Seattle and is award-winning so I'm definitely going to give it a try. Pity I already had one cup in my hand otherwise I would've immediately tried their Toffee Latte. Seems to be cheaper than Coffee Bean too.

The other addition is Cupcake Chic. I think they have another branch at the Curve. And though their cupcakes look so delectable and fattening that you can feel the pounds adding on just by staring at them, I don't think I'll be purchasing anything from that store any time soon because the prices are atrocious. 

RM4.50 for one cupcake. Sorry, but I'll pass. I try to keep coffee as my only vice for now. 

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Let the weak say I am Strong, let the poor say I am Rich" - Give Thanks

Who has believed our message
and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed
He grew up before him like a tender shoot
and like a root out of dry ground
He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him
Nothing in his appearance that we should desire him

He was despised and rejected by men
A man of sorrows and familiar with suffering
One from whom men hide their faces
He was despised and we esteemed him not

Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows
Yet we considered him stricken by God
smitten by him and afflicted
But he was pierced for our transgressions
He was crushed for our iniquities
The punishment that brought us peace was upon him
And be his wounds we are healed

We all like sheep have gone astray
Each of us has turned to his own way
So the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all

He was oppressed and afflicted
Yet he did not open his mouth
He was led like a lamb to the slaughter
and as a sheep before her shearers is silent
So he did not open his mouth

By oppression and judgement he was taken away
and who can speak of his descendants?
For he was cut off from the land of the living
For the transgression of my people, he was stricken

Yet it was the Lord's will to crush him and cause him to suffer
And though the Lord makes his life a guilt offering
He will live to see his offspring and prolong his days
And the will of the Lord will prosper in his hand

After the suffering of his soul
He will see the light of life and be satisfied
By his knowledge, my righteous servant will justify many
and he will bear their iniquities

Therefore, I will give him a portion among the great
and he will divide the spoils with the strong
because he poured out his life unto death
and was numbered with the transgressors
For he bore the sin of many
and made intercession for the transgressors.

Isaiah 53 is a prophecy about Jesus Christ and the suffering his would bear for our sins. It was also the chapter Amanda, Joshua and I had to recite for JIC's Anniversary Thanksgiving earlier tonight, and while we tried a little unsuccessfully to make it a choral speaking piece, I'm just glad that everyone remembered their lines. Though I think all of us had minor slips here and there.

I walked into the assembly hall earlier than the other two with a small cup of hot coffee gone cold (hazelnut latte, triple shot skinny, thanks) and hair still a little mussed from the catnap I took in the backseat of a car. 

Ms. Joy then insisted that I go change into the frilly white blouse that Auntie Siew May lent to me earlier this morning because I simply didn't look presentable in my faded red tee and black flip-flops, later replaced with Auntie Siew May's white sandals, which gave me sea legs. 

And I prayed that no one took a photo of me in that outfit because I was constantly fidgeting with the blouse and Josh's comments ("You still don't look like a girl.") didn't help much with my self-esteem. I didn't stay for the rest of events after my recitation was over though and am sort of regretting it because the choir sounded wonderful and sitting next to Iris was fun.

But it's time to sort out my whacked out priorities and according to the updated list, not failing Typography Fundamental comes first. 

Father, please bless me withe the determination and inspiration to finish my work tonight and that I will be able to pass my subjects despite my lousy attitude early in the term. And also, I pray that I will be able to attend the JIC BBQ party on August 8. While I do know that attending my cousin's wedding is important, I feel that I will be of more use helping out at the party than congratulating a cousin whose face I do not remember and with whom I exchange less than 50 words a year.